Tough And Deadly 1995 Film.

This is one of my favorite films that my best mate Marc Froggatt gave me as a Christmas present a couple of years ago for Christmas just two years ago. The Movie is called Tough And Deadly its from 1995 it came out that year the released date for the film was 14th February 95 it came out when I was only eight years old when I was little and when I was in class five at Glebe school. Following an assassination attempt, a CIA Agent (Billy Blanks) ends up in a hospital with amnesia. Sensing an opportunity on a possible bounty, skip tracer Elmo Freech (Roddy Piper) tries to get the mystery man’s fingerprints, but ends up stopping a second murder attempt instead. Freech then takes the in the dark agent under his wing and dubs him “John Portland.” One brief training session later, John is back to kicking ass, which is helpful as a group of assassins (led by Richard Norton) are still out to get him while the head of the CIA (James Karen) wonders what happened to his top secret agent.

This is an enjoyable mid-90s action vehicle. Blanks may not be much of an actor, but he makes up for it with his skillful martial arts. The highlight of the film is a midway showdown with Norton, a man as equally talented in the fight game. It is a shame Blanks never got bigger exposure from the 8 or so DTV films he did, but I’m sure Tae-Bo has compensated him well. What is really interesting is the great chemistry between Blanks and Piper. This was their second feature together (following 1994’s BACK IN ACTION) and the two have a great rapport.

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