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This is one of my favorite Comedy’s to its the Comedy Porridge and the main actor star in it is Ronnie Barker its a Comedy based on a prison and Ronnie Barker is in prison for burglary. I think Porridge is really good and very funny to the TV series Porridge started on the 5th September 74 and it ran from then to the 25th March 1977 years before I was born but I really love the Comedy I think its really good I really do and I love watching it.

  1. One can never tire of such comedy; they always came up with so many funny scenes. I remember one when Richard Beckinsale was caught stealing and the chief officer said to him “Don’t let me catch you stealing again”, and Richards character then responded with: ” No, I won’t let you catch me stealing again”. LoL

  2. Hahaha Yh I remember that episode to Bob that episode is on my Porridge box set dvd that I got for Christmas five years ago in 2013 when I was twenty seven when I was younger it’s one of the episode on the dvd. Him and Ronnie Barker were really funny in Porridge it’s got all the porridge episodes on they Bob And three DVD’s of it.

  3. I wonder if we should include a category for Comedy, which might include jokes, comedy TV series’s, etc., What do you think?

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