8 Mile From 2002.

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This is one of my favorite films from 2002 it came out in November 2002 when I was sixteen and in year eleven at Southlands school when I was in my last year at Southlands when I was really young. The movie is on for 1 hour 44 minutes. In the Fall of 1995 in Detroit, Jimmy “B-Rabbit” Smith Jr. is a blue-collar worker from a poor family. He has moved back north of 8 Mile Road to the run-down trailer home in Warren, Michigan of his alcoholic mother Stephanie, his little sister Lily, and Stephanie’s abusive live-in boyfriend Greg. Although encouraged by his friends, Jimmy worries about his potential as a rapper. He falters during a rap battle one night at a local venue, the Shelter, and he leaves the stage humiliated.

Jimmy works at a car factory. When he asks for extra shifts, his supervisor laughs and dismisses his request on account of his habitual lateness. Jimmy befriends a woman named Alex. Over time, Jimmy begins to take more responsibility for the direction of his life. When he exhibits an improved attitude and performance at work, his supervisor grants him the extra shifts he requested.

Stephanie receives a notice evicting her and the family as she cannot pay rent. Despite Stephanie’s best attempts to keep the eviction notice a secret, Greg finds out about it. A fight ensues between him and Jimmy, and Greg leaves Stephanie for good. Jimmy’s friendship with Wink, a radio DJ with ties to a record label promoter, becomes strained after he discovers that Wink does promotional work for Jimmy’s rivals, a rap group known as the “Leaders of the Free World.” At one point, Jimmy and his friends get into a violent brawl with the Leaders, which is disrupted when Jimmy’s friend Cheddar Bob pulls out a gun and accidentally shoots himself in the leg; he survives but is confined to crutches.

At work one day when on lunch break, Jimmy witnesses a rap battle in which an employee insults a gay co-worker, Paul. Jimmy joins the battle and defends Paul. Alex is impressed by Jimmy’s actions; they have sex in the factory. Wink arranges for Jimmy to meet with producers at a recording studio, but Jimmy finds Wink and Alex engaging in intercourse. Enraged, Jimmy attacks Wink as Alex tries to break up their altercation. In retaliation, Wink and the Leaders of the Free World assault Jimmy outside his mother’s trailer. The leader of the gang, Papa Doc, holds Jimmy at gunpoint, threatening to kill him before being dissuaded by Wink.

Jimmy’s best friend and battle host, Future, pushes him to get revenge by competing against the Leaders of the Free World at the next rap battle. However, Jimmy’s late-night shift conflicts with the timing of the next battle tournament. A goodbye visit from Alex, who is moving to New York, changes his mind about competing, and Paul agrees to cover his shift at work as a favor while Jimmy goes to the battle.

In all rounds of the rap battle, Jimmy has to compete against one member of “the Leaders.” After winning the first two rounds, he has to challenge Papa Doc. He wins by exposing his opponent’s weaknesses as well as his own. With nothing to say in rebuttal, Papa Doc hands the microphone back to Future, embarrassed. After being congratulated by Alex and his friends, Jimmy is offered a position by Future, hosting battles at The Shelter. Jimmy declines, saying he has to get back to work and to find success his own way.

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