The Bay Hotel In Cullercoats.

This is The Bay Hotel in Cullercoats where the big flats are now this is a photo of The Bay Hotel in Cullercoats back in 1977 before I was born. People knocked The Bay Hotel down back Monday the 5th of May 2003 and started to build the flats they the flats that are they now and they have been they ever since then. The Queens Head pub is opposite this place where The Bay Hotel use to be and where the big flats are now.

  1. Hi Mart, So the Bay Hotel has a long history. Do you know if it goes back to further than the 70’s? Mind you , could use Google to find out more and continue the thread on this interesting article. Cullercoats Family History Centre may have more information. The contact I use is Pauline O’Brien. I’ll get her details.

  2. I’m aware there are historical links with pubs in seaside locations relating to smuggling. Apparently, pubs were a hotbed of pirating on the high seas. Would be interesting to get more information on the Bay Hose.

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