The heartbreaking toll of WW1

The conclusion of the armistace was held at Compiegne near Paris.No one knew the date the war would actually end and men were dying right up until the end of the war on 11th November 1918.
It is heartrendering to visitors walking around some of the cemetries to see graves of men dying in increasingly greater numbers as the end approached. Young and old alike never saw out their potential or had a chance to live a life.
Alexander Camp aged 21 years old from North Shields was killed near Le Quesnoy not far from the Belgian border on November 4th 1918 only a short distance from the place British Troops first engaged with Germans at Mons on August 23rd 1914. His only child was born on October 30th five days before his death in action.
Once the Allies had inflicted a serious defeat on the German Army on August 8th 1918 and men were at last able to leave the trenches after four long years. Then the British and Dominion troops began a costly offensive to drive the enemy out from the territory he had seized during March to July 1918 German Offensive. That German offensive saw the loss of almost all the French and Belgian territory we had won back from them at such a cost over the previous three years.

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