USA forces finally arrive , 1918

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Although the US army declared war on Germany in April 1917 it would be more than a year before their tiny army could be expanded trained and transported for service in Europe.
The US Navy made an immediate contribution from May 1917.
In Europe everyone depended greatly on the munitions they brought across the Atlantic. The US Commander general John Pershing insisted that the US forces must fight as Stand alone units although the British and French had thought that US manpower could be used better to augment their own fighting formations.
As a result only a small number of the newly arrived American troops wre given some short experience of trench fighting with the British and French Units. When the influx arrived of US troups they were formed into independant US divisions.
Frontal assaults by these units brought massive casualties as the German defences were well dug in.The US commanders were very gung ho and so many men were killed.

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