WW1 nearing its fourth anniversary and the defeat of Germany

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In August 1918 the war was still hanging in the balance as far as the allies in the West were concerned.
After three years of trench warfare the enemy had launched an offensive in March 1918 that had raised the spectre of defeat as the battlefields of France and Belgium were the scene of desperate rear guard actions. British and French armies fell back towards the positions where they had turned the tide of German on slaught in August and September 1914.Retreating across areas that had only been won back over three years at enormous cost in lives and damage to the town and villages of Eastern France.
Nonethe less, the arrival of significant numbers of American troops and the introduction of combined operations by an integrated allied command showed that the German army could be defeated.
Exhausted after three years of war by July 15th the German army had lost its ability to consolidate the gains it was making in the attacks launched around the River Marne that would bring it to within sight of Amiens and the way through to Paris.
Within three weeks the allies would launch a series of counter attacks that would lead to the major defeat of German forces on 8th August 1918- a day that would come to be called’Black day’ for the German army undoing the last gamble of General Erich Ludendorff launched in a bid to defeat the British and French before the overwhelming potential of US manpower could be brought into the battlefield.

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