Me and Eric X

This is me and Eric back in September 2003 in Mama Roses in Cullercoats when I was seventeen three months after I left Southlands school when I was younger Eric was my grans partner and I was very close to him for a long time and he died five years ago today and miss him very much. We went walking together for years when I was very young Eric I love you miss you and I’m always thinking about you and I’m feeling really sad and upset today because I’m thinking about all day today because we were really close. It gets more sad and upsetting for me as I get older accepting the fact that your not here anymore but I’m always thinking about you and I’m always thinking about you the day after your Remembrance Day to like I will be tomorrow to. X

  1. Hi mart, This must take you back to the good old days. As I have said before, memories live on remembering the good times.

  2. Yh it dose Bob it’s another one of my favourite photos of Eric. I’m still feeling a little bit upset about Eric with it just being his Remembrance Day yesterday but I’ll be fine by tomorrow when I see you tomorrow.🙂

  3. Yh he was thanks Bob. He was really canny to he was really nice I really enjoyed it when we use to go walking together I’ll always really miss him we were always really nice to each other he use to speak to anybody to Bob he would of been so interested in the work I do with you and weevl and Park view project it’s such a shame.

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