WW1 soldier in tragedy at Spanish City

Not all brave soldiers from WW1 died or were wounded some survived the conflicy only to die sadly at home.Private Herbert Edwin Wilson of the west Yorkshire regiment died in a freak accident.Born in 1894 and from Hull he grew up six brothers and one sister. His father William was a joiner.His Mother disappears from the cencus records between 1891 ans 1901.Herbert was then being looked after by his eldest brother according to the 1911 census. We can assume his Mother died.Later he worls as a warehouse man in a plumbers merchants and when war comes he joins 6th east Yorkshires. After training he sails to Gallipolli. This was an awful place to be and was a hellhole in September 1915. He survives and goes then to the western front. He transfers numerous times and ends up at the coast defences.He is then posted to Whitley Bay and to celebrate goes to the funfair at the Spanish city but the trip ends in tragedy.A piece of wood had entered his bodyi n his back on a ride and he was found unconcious.A doctor helped him but he died of shock and internal bleeding.Very hard on all his family to survive the war and die like that,

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