New York City Subway stations

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there are The official count of stations is 472; however, this tabulation classifies some transfer stations as two or more stations, which are called “station complexes” within the nomenclature of the New York City Subway. If station complexes are counted as one station each, the number of stations is 424.

Station facilities and amenities
Of the 472 stations in the system, 469 are served 24 hours a day.[c] Underground stations in the New York City Subway are typically accessed by staircases going down from street level. Many of these staircases are painted in a common shade of green, with slight or significant variations in design. Other stations have unique entrances reflective of their location or date of construction. Several station entrance stairs, for example, are integrated into adjacent buildings.Nearly all station entrances feature color-coded globe or square lamps signifying their status as an entrance

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