A Tribute to Somme soldiers 1916

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A Tribute to the Fallen in WW1 1916
100th Anniversary of the Somme 30th June 1916
This battle was the worst battle for fatalities and casualties of British Soldiers in the whole of World War One. The loss of life was horrendous. In one small town in Britain over one third of the men were lost, and some their bodies were never found.
146,431 British men were lost over 141 days and 57,470 were lost in the first day. More than a million died including all the other nations.
They were Fathers, Brothers, sons, nephews, cousins, employees, workmates. Some joined up together as a group if they were friends and they died together.
The troops were promised a bombardment of shelling to the Germans to deplete their forces sufficiently to protect our advancing forces. Unfortunately, this did not happen. They were so well dug in and using a lot of barbed wire and heavy machine guns our troups were gunned down by their thousands.
Casualties were one million men on both sides. They were all poorly equipped and ill prepared training for the troups. The winter weather and wet conditions were very bad.
However, over the course of the battle the British took territory six miles deep and 20 miles long from the Germans.
The first major engagement involved men who volunteered to fight in 1914 and 1915 which included the PALS battalions where friends colleagues and relatives to fight together. This meant that whole communities back home across the country lost a whole generation in one day.
The battles at Mons and Ypres were the worst. The strategies were to help French forces at nearby Verdun. This proved a very costly learning experience for the leaders and the troups especially General Douglas Haig who was in charge of the battle.
New technology was used by the British namely the Mark one tank . German soldiers lost much of its pre war army without the ability to replace men with experience and training when these tanks were used in battle..

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