Wwe RAW Episode From 9/8/14.

I am going to watch this on the Wwe RAW episode on the Wwe network sometime I think its really good and Jerry Springer is hosting the Jerry Springer show with the Bella Twins Brie and Nikki in the storyline of Nikki being the heel. I was twenty eight when this RAW episode was on it was when I was younger and in my late twenties Nikki Bella turned bad turned heel when she punched Brie Bella in the face and turned her back on her at Summerslam when Brie went one on one with Stephanie McMahon the CEO of the Wwe at Summerslam turned her back on her and cost Brie Bella the match at Summerslam this RAW episode is from September 2014. This is one of my favorite RAW episodes and I think its really good and really funny to.

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