1. Hi mart, this is one of my favorites as well. I saw the one with the Chairman of the Labour Party talking about the woes of the Tory’s

    • Yes, It was a good session last night with lots of differences of opinion and diverse panel as well. Al makes for a great way to keep up to date on current affairs as well as understanding general public perceptions of different issues.

  2. Are I know Bob me and my dad were having lunch in the kitchen watching it together today and two politicians young girl and a young lad were at each other’s throats on the panel nearly through the entries debates of the programme haha lol.

  3. Unfortunately, politics is divisive, which is why we don’t have stuff like that on Weevl, because blogging is about sharing and understanding fellow bloggers.

  4. Yh I agree Bob and that’s why I know not to do what Tom dose on Weevl over politics because I know we want it to be about nice things all the time and stuff we love and really like and I know it’s always ok to blog about how I like watching Question Time.

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