The Crazies From 2010.

I love this horror film from 2010 it was released and came out on the 26th February 2010 eight years ago when I was twenty three when I was younger. My grandma got me it on dvd for Christmas six years at Christmas 2012 when I was twenty six when I was younger the movie is really good and very scary. In the town of Ogden Marsh, Iowa, local sheriff David Dutten is enjoying a baseball game when it is interrupted by resident Rory entering the outfield with a shotgun. David attempts to dissuade him, but is forced to kill him when he raises his weapon. David’s wife Judy, the community doctor, has begun to notice another resident exhibiting bizarre behavior, including lifeless and repetitive speech. The next night, a local farmer locks his wife and son inside their farmhouse and burns it down before mowing his lawn.

Following the discovery of a pilot’s body in a swamp, David and his deputy Russell Clank investigate the area. They discover a military aircraft that crashed into the river a few days before. Suspecting a link between the contaminated water and the residents’ bizarre behavior, David lobbies the mayor to shut off the town’s drinking water supply but is denied. He does so anyway, knowing it may cost him his job.

Soon after, all communication services are lost in town and soldiers arrive to quarantine all residents at a high school. Everyone is examined for symptoms of infection; Judy does not pass the examination due to elevated temperature because of her pregnancy and is separated from David. David escapes quarantine and returns to his office, encountering Russell. The pair head for the school to free Judy. At the school, infected townspeople breach the perimeter, and the military personnel evacuate, abandoning the civilians. Judy wakes up strapped to a gurney alongside several others, and a school director enters and begins killing quarantined people. David and Russell arrive and kill the director, freeing her and Becca, Judy’s assistant.

Unable to find a working vehicle, the four make their way out of town on foot. They encounter Becca’s boyfriend Scotty at his farm. Soldiers raid the farm, shoot Scotty and his mother, and burn their bodies. David et al subdue a soldier and learn that the military has been ordered to shoot all civilians. The group repairs a patrol car in David’s garage and are ambushed in David’s house by Rory’s infected wife Peggy and son Curt. Peggy stabs David in the hand before he kills her, and Russell shoots Curt through a window. Russell shoots the pair’s corpses multiple times, disturbing Judy. On the road, they are spotted by an attack helicopter and drive into a car wash for cover. Employees at the car wash attack the car and drag Becca out by the neck with a hose, presumably breaking her neck and killing her. When the rest of the group leaves the car to help her, the helicopter destroys the car.

While walking down the road, the group spots a black SUV speeding toward them, which Russell disables with a police spike strip. The driver, a government employee, reveals that the cargo plane contained a Rhabdoviridae prototype and biological weapon called Trixie. It was en route to Texas to be destroyed when the plane crashed. Enraged, Russell shoots him and threatens the Duttens. David confronts him about his behavior, and Russell realizes he is infected. David disarms him and he begs to continue with them. At a military roadblock, Russell distracts the soldiers and is killed, allowing the Duttens to sneak past.

David and Judy arrive at a truck stop to search for a vehicle, discovering that the military has also executed those who were evacuated. After killing more infected, they escape in a semi-truck. As they drive away, a massive explosion destroys Ogden Marsh and the subsequent shock wave rolls their vehicle. The Duttens exit and begin walking towards Cedar Rapids. A view from a military satellite highlights the couple and then the city, and the words “Initiate containment protocol” appear, signifying a new containment task.

In a mid-credits scene, a Cedar Rapids newscaster reports on the explosion in Ogden Marsh. He says a perimeter has been set and civilians are not being allowed into the area. An infected individual appears on camera before the signal is lost, implying that more people became infected in Cedar Rapids, possibly via the water Judy drank at the Truck Stop.

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