The Freeman Hospital.

I am going to the Freeman Hospital tomorrow for my normal appointment my yearly appointment that I go to every year for my heart and pacemaker hopefully touch wood everything will be ok touch wood. As I get older I have stopped worrying about what will happen with me every year when I go and be more positive because I know everything will be ok. It just doesn’t do me any good worrying about it getting all upset and getting stressed out about going every year because it just dose not do me any good as I get older because Ill end up just getting myself all upset. So I have stopped worrying so much and getting myself all upset about it because it just dose now do myself or anybody else any good. I use to get myself stressed out and all upset every year and for years about going they to the Freeman Hospital I did that when I was younger but I have stopped now and now that I am older because it also dose not do me any good as I am getting older and now I am 32 years old. I just need to be thankful that its only my heart my heart condition and pacemaker that I go for. But mainly my heart and heart condition I just have to be thankful that its just my heart that I have to go up they for because some people have to go up to the Freeman Hospital for more serious things and worst people who are a lot worse than me have to go up they for more serious stuff to so I am grateful and very thankful that I only have to go up they because of my heart and my condition once a year just once every year and that,s it.

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