Ipad Training By Pop Young People

As part of the pop session on a Thursday some of us have been working with Mathew learning how to use the ipad. We have also learnt how and been able to upload a short story of our own to the Young Peoples facebook.
We have really enjoyed doing this and below are some short stories that some of us have written.

Variety Show
By Amanda Heath

I really enjoyed taking part in the variety show at the playhouse. My favourite song that I sang was smile by Joe McElderry. My favourite bit of the show was the whole thing.

Variety Show
By Claire Hunter

I had a great time taking part in the variety show. My favourite song that we sang was thinking out loud by Ed Sheering. My favourite bit was when the young people danced to Lean On.

Printed Feb 16

  1. Forums got rock
    By Graeme Rogers

    On Wednesdays leading up to the variety show me and Alan and Marc went with Mick hill to practice our band songs.

    We really enjoyed it and we rocked out as well and me, Alan and Marc decided on our band name. We performed at the Whitley bay playhouse and we all had t shirts for our band too with our band name on. The lights at the playhouse when we performed were amazing and the entire band was excellent.

  2. and also this one

    My time at youth club
    By Alan Denholm

    I played on the pool table tournament where I played Kieran Dixon in the semi-finals and i lost, however it was a good match.
    Kieran Dixon then played Kieran m in the final and Kieran m won the big trophy.
    On the Fifa tournament I played against Kieran m in the first round, I was Tottenham and Kieran M was Everton, it was a good match and I scored a great 25 yard goal hitting the post then going in the net.
    The second half started and Kieran m’s team Everton equalised 1-1. It was a great match but I lost because my player got an injury.

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