1. Thanks Bob I really like the photo of the three of us what kind of Record Bob do you mean a Record from when Alice was at the NTDF shop to when she left the timescale of it do you mean. I think I’ll put it on intragram and Facebook later on tonight again Bob.

    • Hi Mart, Just referring to when the shop was fully functioning when Alice was there on a Tuesday. She was good to work with.

  2. Hi Bob Yh she was she was very good good to work with me you and Simon got on with her really well she’s half the reason why I’m still coming on really well with my money as I’m getting older and because of all the help and support that she gave me on the till to.

  3. That was one of the UK wrestlers Ragnar I got his autograph and bought his t shirt for £10 Bob he was one of the bad guy wrestlers at Kingstreet club me and Marc went on Thursday night after I had been to the freeman hospital Bob it was a really good night to.

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