Another casualty of the Great War 1918

For many families in the North East the end of the grat war had a cruel twist.The Tate family of Heaton saw their son Lionel Percy Tate head off to war in 1914 from his job in the offices at Swan Hunter Shipbuilders. Lionel was a volunteer in the Northumberland Hussars from before the war. His unit was the first to go overseas joining in the Battle of Ypres in October 1914.
After three years of active service he obtained a commission and returned to France.
Tragically he was killed in action on 4th November less than a month after his younger brother Norman died. Their parents were devastated.Lionel was born on 17th April 1892 in Newcastle on Tyne. The eldest child of Robert William Tate and his wife Emma Tate (nee Stainsby)
He attended Chillingham Road school and Skerys college in Newcastle and was working as an accounts clerk when he enlisted on April 17th 1913 before the war started.
He spent nearly the whole of the war in France with only a handful of leave days in England each year.He survived many terrible battles in France including Ypres and and the Somme.
He was appointed to a commission in the North Sataffordshire regiment in May 1918 and returned to serve with them in France.
He was killed in action on 4th November 1918. After surviving so much, it is so sad he died within only a few days of the armistace. He had a fiancee Cissy Dryden who always kept a photo of Lionel and never married.

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