Purple Nerf Vortex.

I use to love playing with this with my dad and brother Dan when I was little its called the Nerf Vortex and my grandma gt me it for my eleventh birthday in August 1997 when I was little back in the summer of 97. What you use to do was use to have to throw it up high in the air and try and catch it and it made squeegeeing noise when it went across in the air to the other person me Dan and my dad use to play it in the pool when we were little and it use to be really good fun it was one of my best birthday presents that I got for my birthday that year in 1997 in August 97 of that year.

  1. Yh I know but I’m not sure Bob they might still sell them in the shops I’m not to sure I mean it was twenty one years ago 1997 August 97 when my grandma bought me it for my eleventh birthday so I’m not to sure Bob I don’t know they might.

    • Maybe the next time you are in a toy shop, you could ask if they have heard of them. You could say it is for your nephew if you think why you might be wanting one for yourself!

  2. Let me know what you find out, we can then let others know. There’ll be lots of kids out there who might not know about such a device!

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