Majorca Alcudia.

This brings back memories for my blogging this on Weevl its where me my brother Dan and my mum and her ex boyfriend Sam we went end of July beginning of August 1999 summer of 99 when I was twelve nearly thirteen years old Dan was fourteen years old. This is the swimming pool and the hotel that we stayed in to and me and Dan both had dyed blonde hair that summer to so it was just before my thirteenth birthday and when me and Dan went back to Alcudia in October 2013 five years years when I was twenty seven when I was in my late twenties and Dan was twenty eight when we were younger. We walked past this hotel round the front and back Dan remembered where it was and it brought back a lot of memories going back they but we were going to go in here where the swimming pool was we were going to go from the back street but the doors were locked where the back entrance was. I don,t think you were allowed around the front entrance either unless you were staying they on your holiday we would of liked to of gone in and had a look around the whole place but I don,t think we were allowed so we just walked round the whole place but it still brought back a lot of memories going back they fourteen years later and it was really nice to.

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