Dragons Den 2018.

I love watching Dragons Den when its on the television I think its really good its on BBC2 its on for an hour and its about people who go in to the Den and try and invest in these five people who are on the front of this picture and try and get a dragon the five famous people on this photo are the dragons. The Dragons Den building is based in Manchester people try and invest in to they business and take things in to the Den to show the dragons and try and get an investment out of them where they invest they money in to they business and if the dragons don,t like whatever it is people have brought in to the Den they say to the people I won,t be investing I,m out. Or they say sorry I won,t be investing I,m sorry I,m out something like that but they do say I,m out if they don,t like it what the other person is trying to invest them in. I really like watching Dragons Den a lot I really like it I think its really good. Dragons Den the television series started on the television back on the 4th January 2005 on my brother Dan,s twentieth birthday and when I was only eighteen and in my last year at college when me and Dan were a lot younger thirteen years ago. So Dragons Den has been on the television for years I love watching it I do think its really good to.

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