Me And My Brother Dan With Our Granddad Lee X.

This is one of my favourite photos it’s me and my brother Dan with our granddad Lee from when we were little. It’s my granddad Lee,s Remembrance Day today I cant believe it was twenty four years ago today that he died I was only eight years old and Dan was nine years old. Granddad I love you miss you always thinking about you and really wish you were still here. X

  1. Thanks very much Bob that means a lot thanks Yh it all went well me my dad and my grandma went to the crematory put the flowers in the basket outside of the book of remembrance. Then me and my dad went back to my grandmas house and had lunch before I came down to the shop to see you and work with you it’s been a nice day thanks Bob.

  2. Are Thanks Bob I really wish he was still here and he was still alive to I cant believe its twenty four years that he has not been here I was feeling a little bit upset on Wednesday night while I was chilling out in bed watching Smackdown after I had been to the NTDF shop and a little bit upset yesterday morning but I was OK as the day went on I was fine after and I am fine now Bob.

  3. Thanks Bob that’s my granddad Lee in the photo that was my dads dad Eric was from my mums side of the family Eric was my grans partner my granddad was called Michael the same as my dads name.

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