My trip to see Dynamo By Graeme Rogers

On Sunday the 21st February, I went to the metro radio arena in Newcastle to see Dynamo the magician. I went with my brother and we got dropped off at the arena by my mam’s partner. The show started at 7.30, Dynamo did lots of magic for the audience. I didn’t have a favourite magic trick that he does, I enjoyed the whole show. One of the tricks that I love but he didn’t do it at the arena is that Dynamo can make a car appear from anywhere.

Another one that he does is to hold a football in his hand and then magically turned it into a rugby ball. My final favourite trick is when someone went to the shop and got some sweets, then Dynamo asked what kind of sweets and what flavour and then he changed the sweets to that flavour.

Printed March 16

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