Wwe Owen Hart Hart Of Gold DVD.

I really want to get this Wwe Wrestling DVD for Christmas I have only seen twenty six minutes of it on the Wwe network. That,s how long its on for on the Wwe network so I really want to get it for Christmas the whole three disc DVD box set is on for 396 minutes but that,s because its a three disc DVD set. I have never ever seen the whole thing before or the whole documentary properly and I really like Owen Hart I really liked it when he won the 1994 King Of The Ring in Wwe June 94 when I was little when I was only seven nearly eight years old when I was younger. I also loved it when he beat his brother Bret Hart at Wrestlemania X10 1994 three months before he won the King Of The Ring which was March of 94. Owen Hart was only thirty four years old when he tragically died on the 23 May 1999 at the Over The Edge pay per view in the Attitude Era when I was only twelve years old and in year seven at Southlands School my first year at Southlands when I was younger when he was playing his Blue Blazer gimmick and he fell from 78 feet (24 m), landing chest-first on the top rope (approximately a foot from the nearest turnbuckle), throwing him into the ring and Bret Hart and the rest of the Hart family sewed the Wwe for continuing the Over The Edge 99 pay per view after Owen Hart had just died.

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