Bryan Adams The Only Thing That Looks Good On Me Is You From 1996.

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I also love this song to its Bryan Adams The Only Thing That Looks Good On Me Is You from 1996 the song came out and was released on the 7th May 1996 when I was nine years old when I was at Glebe School when I was younger. I downloaded this song on my iTunes in to my music library on my iPhone yesterday as a early Christmas present.

    • I recall back in the early 70s there first coming on the music scene. Bryan Adams was at Newcastle University in the 60s studying art, if I recall properly!

  1. I never knew he went to Newcastle university Bob I’ve just looked on google and I didn’t know he came from Canada I thought he was American haha I’ve thought that since I was younger like since I was nine years old or something like that Lol 😂 was he at the university the same time as you Bob.

    • . Hi Mart, Yes I started there is 1971 He might well have graduated the Summer of that year, which is when they normally pick up their certificates.

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