Its Not Worth Falling Out With People.

Its not worth falling out with people it really upsets me as I am getting older I cant be bothered with it and cant be bothered with friction falling out or arguing with people I have resized as I have got older that life is to short and sometimes its really silly because some people just argue over nothing. I stopped arguing and shouting months ago because I realize I am getting older now and now that I am in my early thirty’s and being thirty two years old and I cant cope with arguing and shouting and balling I cant cope and it breaks my heart and plus I sometimes really miss Alice Cree a lot inside and outside of NTDF because me and Simon Schofield were really close to her and were really close friends with her at NTDF to and she helped me out a lot on the till on the shop floor at the NTDF shop this past summer to but I am still in contact with her so I cant be bothered to argue and fall out because of that reason to.

  1. Hi Bob Yh it is a little bit and because of how much I miss Alice and I think she was that nice to me I really wish she was still they at NTDF and I think that a lot when they is some sort of carry on my mums side of the family but I’m really happy we are all still in contact me you and Alice and I can’t be doing with any auguing or falling out because sometimes it really upsets me even more with Alice not being at NTDF anymore I think Simon feels the same way to Bob.

    • Your right to assert that arguing is futile. However, it is impossible to persuade others of such. Often, all we can do is placate and distract people in the hope the fighting halts!

  2. Yh I agree Bob Yh your right and it’s good to try and distract other people from it to because at the end of the day it just upsets people and it’s no good as we get older to.

  3. Yh I agree Bob I think it’s where people don’t think about what they say before they say it to I think it’s the same with friends and other mates to Bob. It makes me really happy I’m involved with you and I’m still involved and in contact with Alice to.

    • Hi Mart, Just remembered a publication on Twitter, which is monthly. It was called Happiness magazine. All the content is about things that make people feel good about themselves and others. I think there is a copy on the Fireside Group website?

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