Britain,s Busiest Motorway.

I love watching this on itv it was on last night and its only on for half an hour its Britain’s Busiest Motorway. It was on last night to its all bout cars on the road and other vans lorries vehicles on the road to and how fast the cars are coming and what cars are causing accidents on the road and then the police then have to get involved and then ring the ambulance service and then the ambulance service come out and rescue people and make sure they are fine and if they not they get took off to hospital. If anybody has caused the accident on the road they get arrested and took to court or straight to prison depending how bad the accident is.

  1. Recall a story from years back regarding an elderly couple who had been unable to find away off this motorway. Eventually the transport police had to rescue them as they had been going around in circles for just about all day! Very funny, but must have been frustrating for them?

  2. I think that’s best Bob I really hate busy roads it’s just to dangerous on the roads with all of the busy traffic when it’s like that.

    • yes, Its no fun driving these days. Its got so bad in some places it is impossible to get any joy out of it. I drive only because I have to.

  3. Yh I always remember that you said that you don,t get any enjoyment out of it Bob I am pretty glad a bit happier that I just go round listening to my music on my headphones on my iPhone I am happy I go around on the buses and metros listening to my music with my headphones on my iPhone.

    • I often play music while driving, especially along straight roads, in order to take the monotony out of the driving process. However, I am always mindful of not letting the music distract my attention from being aware of the dangers of driving!

  4. Yh I’m the same Bob when I’m out and about listening to my music on my iPhone it helps me distract me from other problems I might of been happening at the time and focus more on my music.

    • I think that is why we see so many people immersed in their technology; a bit like meandering around as though they were in a bubble! The only problem is nobody is receptive to ordinary community relationships which existed before technology isolated us all.

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