Are You Being Served.

I love watching this comedy from the 70s it started in the 1970s before I was born its on the sky channel Gold these days to. Its Are You Being Served and the television series started on the 8th September 72 until the 1st April 1985 before I was born I really like watching the comedy series and my friend my close mate from NTDF Simon Schofield got me in to it to because he sometimes puts it on in the cinema club on a Monday afternoon at NTDF I really like it I really like watching it its really good and very funny to.

  1. Hi Mart, I remember this series. However, by today’s standards would be frowned upon because of the chap who acts as though he is gay! Can’t remember his name?

  2. Yh I already found that out Bob because I was reading a bit about some of them dying years ago I read on google on the internet in the shop today that some of them died through the years over different things.

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