Whitley Bay In July 1986.

This is what Whitley Bay was like back in 86 it was like this in July 1986 just before I was born just a month before I was born this was Whitley Bay in the 80s and in the mid 1980s before I was born and this is one of the really old fashion buses that they had in Whitley Bay back then in those days to. Its the really old fashioned buses from those days its the really old double Decker buses that everybody use to go on all the way back then in those olden days.

  1. Interesting blog Mart, Might have been better to put i under the local history category. I’ll copy it over to Pinterest.com for others to follow.

  2. Ok thanks Bob I think I put it under History anyway so I was close haha I think I remember I put it under they anyway. I’m really interested in history stuff like that before I was born and years before I was born to. I thought it would be really interesting to put a blog up about that to about what Whitley Bay was like in the 80s and the middle of the 1980s to.

    • Cullercoats Family history Centre are the main providers of local history. You might recall we did some work with them last year with WW1 stuss. They are open every Monday between 2.30 pm – 7.30 pm. Great way to meet people as well.

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