the eye of God

Some years ago I was laying awake in bed and I saw a giant eye staring at me, it was right in front of me looking into my eyes. I didn’t see it again until a few months ago and it now seems to appear at various points on my body, such as my forehead. I thought that this meant that something was going to happen, and it has. Amanda, one of the voices in my head, has told me she is a part of me. I have told her I am a part of her. This is unusual because she is normally attempting to convince me I am telepathic and that she is a separate entity. This seems like progress!

  1. Hi Martin, Sorry for delayed response – got barred with password. This experience, as we discussed Friday, has meaning of sorts. What is conjured up is association areas of the sensory somatic lobe, which edits previous memories.

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