Online abuse is abhorrent, which is why our Weevl Bloggers take it very seriously: Now it’s my turn to ask what’s acceptable online — The Criminal Justice Blog

Increasing awareness of the dangers of online abuse.

Only those who know me know who I am and what I do, often away from the public eye. On top of my commitments this week I want to talk about this. I have seen a barrage of messages on Twitter, sent to me and about me; messages which are good, bad and certainly ugly, […]

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      • I can’t believe it goes on. I do knkw that the Internet makes it hard for these kinds of things to be properly monitored. When one method is developed to stop it the people seeking to exploit the Internet come uo with a way to get round it. I postep a pedophile caught groomgro a 13 or 14 year old girl on my faceFace today. Please check it out and share it with your colleagues as I know your projepr works to protect vulvulnera adults from peopeo like him

        • You are right that the internet space is a free for all, which is above moderation. Yet, in its earlier incarnations it was subject to better surveillance in respect to clear abuse taking place. However, the major players in the world of social media have loosened upon us both a benefit as well as a disadvantage as far as community integration is concerned.

          • I think most social media website owners are only interested in making money and tracking us with spyware. The spyware allows them to spam users of their sites with adverts. Trying to sell stuff to us. Check out the pedophile I posted on my Facebook. He was messaging an underage girl saying he wanted a hand job off her and stuff like that. He was using multiple screen names to do it

              • And many of these websites are invading peoples privacy by stalking us online with Spyware and cookies. I understand why the police and social services may have to do this but social media websites should not be doing this

        • Hi Nicki, Our Bloggers Corner is both an educational group as well as social group, which is closed to members only, so very pleased to see your comments.

          • Bob follows me and my hobby art. He’s very encouraging and helpful for me. Trying to make him an admin on my page as for some reason my page looks exactly the same to me no matter how many times I try to edit it

              • I may have accidentally sent the invitation to The Park View Project instead as I can’t seem to send an invitation to Bob himself. WordPress must display differently on my tablet than it does on a computer as I don’t seem to get the same options as other people. Thus I find it very confusing. I can’t see what my updates and edits look like on my page for example

    • Hello thank you for your reply. Yes he accepted my invitation but WordPress is defying him. We are both completely baffled by it and are struggling to update it

      • Hi Nciki, I can access your account, but as a visitor. There must be a setting permitting levels of authority i.e., editor? Iv’e access on our site, which allows different levels of access. For example, moderators, publishers, editors, administrators and super admins – The latter is me. I can’t get access to your admin area. Iv’e contacted WordPress again, but no response as yet.

        • I don’t understand what’s going on. WordPress would only allow me to send you an invite to become an admin on the page. You show as an admin on my page. I can select people and view who runs my page. You are an admin there. I don’t know what’s going on. I will try contacting WordPress again

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