wwe Rock Bottom In Your House 1998.

This is another one of my favorite wrestling pay per views from the Attitude Era its from December 1998 and its Rock Bottom In Your House. it was on when I was only twelve years old when I was in year seven at Southlands School just three months after I started Southlands School. I love the wrestling pay per view I think its really good.

  1. Hi Mart, Well done with accessing the stuff you like. Will catch up shortly. Keep it up and you can then help new volunteers to get online and use Weevl. See you next week.

    • Thanks very much Bob yh defiantly I did some on my phone when I got home this afternoon everything went well today on the phones in the NTDF office when I’ve been up they today I’ll keep an eye on any comments on the wrestling stuff I’ve put up thanks for your help to Bob. See you soon I won’t see you on Wednesday as I’ll be coming back from Scotland with my mum I’m going on Sunday. See you soon.

      • Hi Mart, You will have to be patient on waiting got my responses, as well as hospital shifts, I am experiencing network problems.

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