wwe No Way Out 2002

This one of my favorite wrestling pay per views from 2002. its No Way Out 2002 I love watching wwe from 2002 from when I was only fifteen and sixteen years old when I was younger. fourteen years ago when I was in year ten at Southlands school and the back end of 2002 to. I thought it was really good back then. this is the No Way Out pay per view where Kevin Nash Scott Hall and Hollywood Hulk Hogan the NWO Black and White the poison came in and attacked Stone Cold Steve Austin in the main event when he was fighting wwe Undisputed champion Chris Jericho and cost Stone Cold the championship and then when Chris Jericho left the ring after he won the match Hogan Hall and Nash spray painted NWO on Stone Colds back when he was knocked out really good ending to the pay per view.

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