A day in the life of a soldier in the trenches

A typical day in the trenches

5am ‘Stand-to’ (short for ‘Stand-to-Arms’, meaning to be on high-alert for enemy attack) half an hour before daylight
5.30am Rum ration
6am Stand-down half an hour after daylight
7am Breakfast (usually bacon and tea)
After 8am Clean selves and weapons, tidy trench
Noon Dinner
After dinner Sleep and downtime
5pm Tea
6pm Stand-to half an hour before dusk
6.30pm Stand-down half an hour after dusk
6.30pm onwards Work all night with some time for rest (patrols, digging trenches, putting up barbed wire, getting stores)
Soldiers only got to sleep in the afternoon during daylight and at night for an hour at a time. During rest time they wrote letters and played card games.
Canadian soldiers sleeping and writing letters in a World War One trench.

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