Breaking News Bertie Has Gone By NTDF Young People

Just as a bit of background information about Bertie, Bertie is a money collecting tin that has been a big part of NTDF for many years.

On Thursday the 17th of March it was reported that Bertie had been stolen. This came as big shock to everyone at NTDF and especially the young people’s project as the money that was being collected inside of bertie was going towards their holiday activities. After it was announced that bertie had gone, there was a lot of articles published on social media – e.g. Facebook and Twitter.
We also had an article in the local papers. Northumbria police came into see us and took a look at the CCTV footage, Unfortunatley the picture was to blurry to see the persons face. We hoped that Bertie may be returned to NTDF.

Printed April 16

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