Emmerdale 2017.

I think Emmerdale is really good at the minute and I thought it was really good last night to with Pierce coming back to the village and coming back in to Rhonas house. Rhona told him to GET OUT shouted that really loud and Pierce refused. Vanessa then came in the house and also told Pierce to leave and get out the house to. Then Vanessa rang the police and the police came to arrest Pierce and take him to the police station so I’m looking forward to seeing what happens on it tonight when I watch it.

  1. Yh he is he has already raped Rhona to Bob they use to be married in the series to. He was in coronation street round about Easter March April 2004 when I was younger to when I was seventeen. Round about that time to and he was a bad guy in coronation street to.

  2. I was with a patient who took a little longer than usual to set up for surgery thereby providing a bit of time between procedures. He was watching it, which is why I know the ending.

  3. I see I’ve just noticed this Bob and seen it on Friday night after I watched this Tuesday in Texas 1991 I watched before I went to sleep on the itv Hub on my iPhone I know you wouldn’t of told me haha I know your not like that hahaha. I know you would of not told me what had happened.

  4. Are right I see Bob I see what you mean. Yh and they could get lost in hospital if they don’t know they where around the RVI or the freemen to.

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