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Emmerdale 2017.

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I thought Emmerdale was proper stupid last night when Ross Barton was fighting with the young girls dad in front of her and her mum and it was in front of a big crowd of people just outside of the Woolpack pub. Roses lip was bleeding at the end of the fight people were screaming at both of them screaming at both of them encouraging them both to keep on fighting. Debbie came out to stop the fight and kicked off with everybody. It was during a party when the party was going on inside of the Woolpack pub while the fight was still going on outside. At the end of last night Emmerdale episode Debbie was in the Woolpack pub with Ross he was helping to tidy all of the mess from the party to. Ross and Debbie were were talking and arguing and then started kissing each other snogging each other so it looks like they are getting back together so I cant wait to see what happens on Emmerdale tonight when I watch it. Emmerdale was on for an hour hour last night but I still think it was still really stupid. They were young girls drinking bottles of alcohol at the party. So Debbie came in the girls toilet and was really upset and mad with her daughter Sarah because Debbie thought that Sarah was drinking loads of bottles of alcohol to. But Sarah was telling the truth to Debbie and Debbie kicked the two young girls out of the pub. The party completely got out of hand It was really good.

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