itv News.

I really like watching the itv News in the evenings on itv when I am having my dinner its just as good as the BBC News I think anyway. I enjoy watching the itv News as much as I enjoy watching the BBC News the itv News is on at 6.30 pm until 7.00 pm just for half an hour on itv just before Emmerdale comes on the television at 7.00 pm its just as good.

  1. Yh I agree Bob the endless adverts get on my nerves to the amount of adverts that are on the television now these days is absolutely ridiculous but I do really enjoy watching both BBC News and itv news.

  2. I didn,t know that Bob that,s why I really like watching Look North News and the itv News because you find out different things and learn new stuff about them to.

    • TV has some interesting insights int lots of topics, but some of them are influenced by the broadcasters, which provoke concerns with many viewers. However, overall, TV is a learning tool for many nad keeps one abreast of issues such as current affairs, at a global level.

  3. Yh that’s right Bob and I think it’s always very important to watch both News on television BBC Look North News and the itv News to that’s what I do now and again.

  4. Yh it dose I agree Bob and I think watching both news channels helps people learn more stuff all the time to and get to know new things to.

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