Life Is Too Short to Argue And Fallout.

This how I feel in real life about rows arguments and fall outs in real life outside of the NTDF and this is so me I don,t like arguing and falling out with people or having rows I get really upset I do not like falling out with people as I get older I really do not like it as I am getting older. I defiantly do not like shouting and balling and raised voices I don,t punch walls or get angry or anything like that I just feel really upset and just prefer to always get on with everybody. Life is too short and I most defiantly do not like violence or any kind of violence either I just get really upset that,s all and just prefer now at age 31 and being in my early thirty’s and getting older and getting on now just to get on with everybody because sometimes the whole world would be a better place if everybody just got on and got on with everybody and I know that,s the saying but sometimes it is very true. So everybody please stop arguing. Because it just really annoys me when some people try and create arguments themselves.

  1. Hi Bob thanks very much I thought you might really like this blog and also totally agree with me about this. I just think that the world would be a much better place sometimes if everybody would just stop arguing it dose not do people any good as they get older. Very true Bob.

  2. Would be a good blog for the Fireside group group website. In many ways it is part of the problems that can arise with bullying when arguments can get out of hand. This is why we don’t condone anything political or religious to jeopardise on our blog.

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