R. I. P. Eric. X

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I miss this person a lot. He was a very close friend of mine a close family member and my grans partner his name was Eric. I know I put a lot of fun wrestling stuff up a lot of the time which I enjoy doing and a loads of other funny stuff to. But I just want to put up something a bit more serious and a family / friend blog if it’s ok. I just want to blog about me and Eric. I was very close to Eric for a long time since I was very young we use to go walking from the Fish Key all the way to Cullercoats some times to the Fish Key to Cullercoats to Whitley Bay back to my grans we did it for a long time. We went for walks from when I was thirteen since then since I was in year eight and still after I left Southlands school. We were always very good to each other his birthday would of been next month on the 1st March. After I left Southlands school in June 2003 when I was sixteen me and Eric continued our walks through the years. Our last walk together was in July 2006 while I was working at Whitley Bay caravan park in my life back then. On th 29th July 2013 I lost a really close friend and family member just ten years after I left Southlands school which I was finding very hard to believe but obviously true. Eric died of lung cancer and I was really upset since then I’ve never got over him and still miss him to this day and wish he was still here. I know he would of been so happy and proud of me in everything I’ve done with the NTDF and for teaching the carpet bowls session every Monday at the Shiremoor centre and becoming the carpet bowls tutor. I know he would of been so interested in my whole volunteering with the NTDF to because Eric always took an interest in everything I did and really liked hearing what I had been up to. This blog is for you Eric. I Love you miss you and which you were still here and I’m always thinking about you and I’ll never forget you. Love Mart X

  1. Hello Mart, It nice to share remembered people who played a part in our growing up.

    I’ll show you how to turn around, if I can recall how to do it?

  2. Hi Bob thanks very much yh I was wondering how to do it. I thought it was nice to put one photo of each of Lorna and Eric last night when I was in bed watching TV thinking of them both Bob. I always think about Lorna and Eric a lot and my auntie Beverly and my other granddad who died in November 1994 when I was eight and my brother was nine. He died when we were only little. That would be really good if we can turn the photo of Eric round on Wednesday thanks Bob.

  3. Yh defiantly thanks Bob. I defiantly will never forget about Lorna and Eric. The photos of them both are photos from my photo album in my bedroom at my mums house.

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