the simpsons comics and stories

Simpsons Comics and Stories was a one-shot comic book edition of the magazine Simpsons Illustrated. Due to the success of this comic book, the Bongo Comics group was created.[5] The comic book was then replaced by Simpsons Comics.[15][22]

Bart Simpson[edit]
Bart Simpson comics were first published in the United States in late 2000, and have remained on a bi-monthly schedule until mid-2011. The comic book series is centered on the Simpsons star Bart Simpson, but it also features the children of Springfield and each issue commonly has several short stories.[23]

The Australian edition of Bart Simpson comics was first printed in 2002 by Otter Press, in a digest-sized edition with a bonus Radioactive Man comic book, and has been released since then on a quarterly schedule (every three months).[24] They are also reprinted in the United Kingdom by Titan Magazines.[25]

The Series was put to a halt in February 2016 at the one-hundredth issue, which was a 48-page special

by simon schofield

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