This is what I’m really like outside of the NTDF.

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This is really me outside the NTDF. You will be very surprised. When I’m sitting in queens Head in Cullercoats with my two mates Marc and Sean I really don’t like talking to that to many people for that long I’m really not bothered. I’m not bothered about speaking to the regulars who come in to the pub I just want to talk to Marc and Sean all afternoon. All I say is all right to people and that’s it. I go for my breakfast at Sainsbury’s one week before I go down to the queens to see Marc and Sean and I just like to have my breakfast in peace with no one bothering me or speak to me then the following Saturday when I’m at Morrisons I just like to have my breakfast in peace again with no one coming over talking to me or saying hello people who I don’t even know to. I’m a lot like Baron Corbin from WWE who I really like and who is my favourite wrestler. He really dose not like people or the WWE fans. He dose not care about the fans at all and ignores all the twitter messages on twitter. In the queens head I’ll play pool with the odd person and that’s it.

  1. Hi Mart, That is a very hones appraisal of your self. It sound pretty normal to me – I look my own company first thing in the morning. Unfortunately, I am surrounded by patients when working for the NHS. Hover, I juts get on with life………

  2. Yh I know what you mean Bob I’m the same to even no I don’t talk to that many people or go out my way to speak to people I’m not a morning person to.

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