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Hi All,
I finally got around to putting something together about the very special “Windows Key” that is on the Bottom Left of your Keyboard between the Ctrl and Alt keys. This only applies if you have a Windows Computer (so MAC users had better give up now)!
It is not possible to add the article directly to this Blog so I have put the article on another secure site. Here is the link that will take you to the site.

Help with the windows Key please click here

Hope this helps everyone.
Don’t be afraid to ask questions if you want more information or if you find my articles too technical ? PLEASE TELL ME!

    • Hi Allen, I have taken the liberty to create a new category called Digital. It is such an expansive subject that it seemed sensible to have a blog of its own.

  1. Hi Allen, Just tried the link, which I pasted to url, but first page requests password and email account of WordPress? There appears to be no where to register?

  2. Hi frobert5,
    It would appear that I had not made the pages on Windows Keys public!
    This has now been fixed, would like to try the link again please?
    Sorry about that it was human error by this human 🙂

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