Whitley Lodge.

This is Whitley Lodge First School and my old school Glebe School use to be right next door to Whitley Lodge school it was on the left hand side of Whitley Lodge First School. Glebe school is not they anymore it got knocked down eight years ago back in early 2010 when I was twenty three when I was younger and they started building houses they and they were nearly finished by April 2010 that same year. So the houses and bungalows have been they where the school was and the play yard was for the last eight years. Glebe school is where I went when I was younger I went they before I went to Southlands school I was at Glebe school from September 1993 when I was seven years old and I stayed they until July 98 when I was eleven and left when I was eleven. Then I was twelve in the August of 1998 and started Southlands school in September 98 back end of 1998 when I was twelve and I stayed at Southlands school until June 2003 and left they in the summer of that year in June 03 when I was sixteen after I had been in year eleven then I was seventeen in the August of that same year after I left Southlands school. I left Southlands school on Friday the 27th June 2003 when I was sixteen.

  1. Yh it was Bob even know I went through a lot being they when I was little with haven to go they because of what was wrong me when I was born I always think it was best me going they and being kept back a year luckily just one year back in September 97 to July 1998 when I was eleven before going To Southlands in September 98 because I don’t think I would of came on as well as I have and been as confident as I am if I had not of been kept back a year or went to Glebe and Southlands so I’m really happy I went to Glebe and Southlands in the end and both schools mean a lot to me to Bob. And being kept back one year at Glebe and being behind a year at Southlands has really helped me come on really well as I’ve got older and still dose help me come on well as I’m getting older to.

  2. Yes, It is important to identify those educational needs of those with a LD as early as possible so that they have a better chance in life to make things positive. Many, unfortunately, don’t manage to get through a system today because of a short-fall in funds from the Government.

  3. Yh I agree Bob I was lucky to go to Glebe school I am really happy I didn,t stay at Cullercoats and went to Glebe it turned out really good they in the end and I felt like I accomplished a lot they and at Southlands and achieved a lot they at both of those two schools.

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