Armageddon 2003

Wwe Armageddon 2003.

This is another one of my favorite Wwe Armageddon pay per views. Its Wwe Armageddon 2003 and its from December 03. This Wwe Armageddon 2003 pay per view was not seen over here in the UK at the time because of the very first battle of the sexes tag team match between Christian and Chris Jericho vs Lita and Trish Stratus. The match went back and forth as each team was able to gain the advantage. In the end Christian pinned Trish Stratus with a roll-up to win the match for himself and Chris Jericho. The main event was Kane vs Triple H vs Wwe World Heavyweight champion Goldberg. Goldberg had defeated Triple H a month before at the Survivor Series to become the new World Heavyweight champion. Triple H won the World Heavyweight championship again because of interference by Batista from Evolution and pulled Kane away from the ring and Triple H was in the ring pinning Goldberg he pinned Goldberg one two three and became the new World Heavyweight champion again. Kane was back in the ring going mad and upset while Goldberg was knocked out in the middle of the ring and Triple H Ric Flair Randy Orton and Batista Evolution were standing on the stage set next to the entrance holding up all of they championships. And that is how Wwe Armagaddon 03 ended and it finishes from they and the crowd were not happy that Goldberg didn’t retain the World Heavyweight championship and were booing Evolution to death.

  1. That’s Triple H Bob he doesn’t look like that in real life it’s just the way they disigned the front picture of WWE Armageddon 2003 haha.

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