Wwe Backlash 2016.

This is one of my favorite Wwe pay per views from two years ago Its Wwe Backlash 2016 I am going to watch it on the Wwe network sometime. Its on for 2 hours and 37 minutes. It took place on Sunday the 11th September 2016. It was on a couple of years back when I was 30 years old. In the main event, Dean Ambrose defended the WWE World Championship against AJ Styles. During the match, Styles applied the Calf Crusher on Ambrose but Ambrose touched the ropes, forcing Styles to break the hold. Styles re-applied the Calf Crusher, but Ambrose escaped. Styles executed a Springboard 450 Splash on Ambrose for a near-fall. Ambrose threw Styles over the barricade and leapt onto him off a broadcast table. In the end, Ambrose attempted Dirty Deeds, but Styles countered by pushing Ambrose into the referee. Taking advantage, Styles attacked Ambrose with a low blow, followed by a Styles Clash, to win the title.

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