Baron Corbin

Wwe Baron Corbin losing his Money In The Bank.

I still cant believe Baron Corbin lost his Money in the Bank briefcase and lost his oppinuity to become Wwe Champion just last month on Smackdown it was the Smackdown episode just before Summerslam. He cashed in his Money In The Bank briefcase just two month ago only a couple of months back on Jinder Mahal and Jinder Mahal rolled Baron Corbin up from behind and pinned him one two three and retained the Wwe Championship first man ever in the Wwe Baron Corbin to cash his Money In The Bank in and fail. I would of waited until Summerslam I couldnt believe it. I was so disapointed when he lost his Money In The Bank at the end of Smackdown. Baron Corbin has no chance now on becoming Wwe Champion.

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