Wwe Hell In A Cell 2009.

This is one of my favorite Hell In A Cell pay per views. Its Wwe Hell In A Cell 2009 The Undertaker defeats World Heavyweight champion CM Punk in a Hell In A cell match. That was the first match then Wwe champion John cena went one on one with Randy Orton in a Hell In A Cell match. Randy Orton defeated John Cena by a punt to the head which is a kick to John Cena and knocked him out and pinned him one two three and became the Wwe champion again. Then it was the main event Hell In A Cell tag team match between Cody Rhodes and Ted Dibase Legacy vs Triple H and Shawn Michaels D Generation X. And DX defeats Legacy Triple H then punched DiBiase using a chain and delivered a Pedigree on him, then left him outside the cage and locked the door. HHH and HBK finished Rhodes off with a sledgehammer/Sweet Chin Music to win the match. After the match, DiBiase entered the ring but was struck with a Sweet Chin Music by HBK, thus ending the show. And HBK and HHH in the Hell In A cell main event match.

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