Wwe In Your House 3 1995.

At In Your House 3 In the main event, three championships were on the line.Diesel’s WWE World Heavyweight Championship, Shawn Michaels’ WWE Intercontinental Championship, and Yokozuna and Owen Hart’s WWE Tag Team Championship. If Diesel had been pinned, he would have lost the WWE World Heavyweight Championship and if Michaels had been pinned he would have lost the Intercontinental Championship. On the night of the show the WWE announced that The British Bulldog had to replace Owen Hart in the match, as Hart was with his wife at the hospital, as she was giving birth to their second child. Near the end of the match it was revealed that this was just a storyline as Owen Hart rushed to the ring in full wrestling gear and interfered in the match. Moments later Diesel pinned Owen Hart to win the match and supposedly win the tag team championship, but it was later announced that while Diesel and Michaels did win the match they did not win the tag team championships as Owen Hart was not the legal man in the match.

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