Wwe In Your House 8 1996 Beware Of Dog.

The encore presentation of Beware of Dog was held live on Tuesday, May 28, 1996 and was entitled “Beware of Dog 2”. The event began by re-airing the two matches shown on pay-per-view from May 26 (Mero vs Helmsley and Bulldog vs Michaels). The first match that aired live on May 28 was a Caribbean Strap match between Steve Austin (with Ted DiBiase) and Savio Vega. The previous night on Raw (May 27), Ted DiBiase announced that if Austin didn’t beat Vega, DiBiase would leave the WWE The match was back-and-forth until Austin wrapped a portion of the strap around Vega’s neck and began to drag him around the ring with the strap over his shoulder. Austin started the process of touching all four corners to win the match, but Vega also touched the corners without Austin’s knowledge as he was being tugged. After Austin and Vega touched the third corner, Vega put up enough fight to force Austin to turn around. The two were now facing each other and Austin pulled on the strap, attempting to touch the last corner, but instead pulled with enough strength that Vega flew into the corner causing Austin to lose the match and DiBiase to leave the WWE.

The following match was a standard match featuring Vader (with Jim Cornette) versus Yokozuna. It began with Vader reluctant to engage with his opponent until Yokozuna gained control for most of the match. Eventually, Yokozuna became occupied with Cornette and attempted to perform his finishing move, the Banzai Drop, on him when Vader pulled Cornette out of the way. Yokozuna missed his target which provided Vader the opportunity to deliver an elbow drop to the leg, followed by a Vader Bomb allowing him to make the pinfall.

The next, and last match of the event was a Casket match for the WWE Intercontinental Championship between the champion, Goldust (with Marlena), and the challenger, The Undertaker (with Paul Bearer). During the match, Undertaker performed his signature Tombstone piledriver to Goldust and went to roll him into the casket. However, when Undertaker opened the casket, Mankind appeared inside and locked-in his Mandible Claw hold, positioned Undertaker into the casket and shut the lid, which resulted in Goldust winning the match and retaining the Intercontinental Championship. After the match, Mankind sat on top of the casket until it suddenly started to smoke. Mankind retreated to the locker room while Paul Bearer and WWE officials tried to open the casket. When it eventually opened, the Undertaker was gone. The arena lights darkened and Undertaker’s entrance theme began to play as the pay-per-view signed off the air.

  1. Yh it is it’s a really good pay per view Bob. It was 96 not 1995 I made a mistake but i corrrcted it now. Just done it on my I phone.

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